Manufacturing Facility & Supply

We understand that veterinarians and livestock producers count on a reliable supply of high-quality animal health products to provide the best care possible for the animals they raise and treat.
That is why our manufacturing processes are backed by an integrated supply network that offers rapid and flexible ways to put our products into the hands of our customers.

Our various site across india that make up the AVIBO Supply network share a dedication to quality that is embedded in all our manufacturing and supply processes.
Many of our R&D operations are co-located with manufacturing sites. This allows our development and manufacturing teams to work side by side, embedding production design directly into the R&D process in our laboratories. Veterinarians and livestock producers benefit from this close collaboration because it moves R&D projects to commercial-scale production more efficiently and helps us bring new and enhanced products to market faster.
Each of our facilities is designed to meet the regulatory requirements in place for working with chemical or infectious disease agents. We work closely with government agencies and other key regulators in the countries where we operate to ensure that we follow their guidelines and regulations.
We use a broad scope of innovative technologies in our manufacturing. Our sound manufacturing processes, high technology standards and six-decade history give us a solid foundation on which to build to meet the needs of veterinarians and livestock producers today and in the future.